Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction

The North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME)

University of Miami (Rosenstiel School) contributes Community Climate System Model version 4.0 (CCSM4) hindcasts and forecasts to the North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) System for Intra-Seasonal to Inter-Annual (ISI) Predictions.

NMME is a multi-model seasonal forecasting system that consists of coupled climate model hindcasts and forecasts from various North American modeling centers, including University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science.

For real-time NMME forecasts, data access to hindcasts, and more information, please visit the NMME website.

The NMME website includes real-time forecasts of global SST, precipitation and 2-meter temperature, and precipitation and 2-meter temperature over North America for individual models and the full NMME suite on the timescales listed below:

A description of the NMME system is provided here.

Data access for hindcasts and real-time forecasts for all individual models and NMME ensemble mean is provided

CCSM4 Southeast US Climate Predictions (Experimental)

In addition to NMME, University of Miami (Rosenstiel School) maintains Community Climate System Model version 4.0 (CCSM4) experimental climate forecasts of southeastern US precipitation, 2-meter temperature, horizontal (u) winds, evaporation, runoff, and soil moisture on monthly and seasonal time-scales.

For climate southeastern US CCSM4 climate forecasts, please see the CCSM4 Southeastern US Climate Prediction website.

The CCSM4 Southeastern US Climate Prediction website includes predictions on monthly and seasonal time-scales, and at present includes forecasts initialized April 2016 through the current month for lead times 0 through 5.  For more information on these predictions, visit the FAQ