Graduate Students


Marybeth Arcodia

PhD Student -

I look at better understanding weather-climate interactions, particularly connections between the tropics and extra-tropics.


Kayla Besong

PhD Student -

I am interested in the multi-scale interactions associated with atmospheric blocking, particularly nonlinear dynamics between blocking and large scale climate variability patterns. 


Kurt Hansen

PhD Student co-advised with Dr. Sharan Majumdar -

I am a second year student co-advised my Sharan Majumdar. I study sub-seasonal predictability of tropical cyclone activity.

Haozhe He

PhD Student -

I am a first-year PhD student, and I am currently exploring the large-scale dynamical responses of clouds to different radiative forcing agents using a coordinated set of global climate model simulation experiments. 

Jeremy Klavans

PhD Student -

Hi! I’m a third year graduate student interested in climate change and climate variability. As the world warms, not only will we be impacted by the shift in climate means, but by variability around those means. Changes in variability with increasing temperatures are a source of uncertainty for planners. Climate models are the primary means through which we study variability, and therefore a major source of information for planning and policy-making. I am particularly interested in how models represent climate variability and how different model configurations can change the representation of variability. My current work evaluates how increasing complexity in models affects the representation of the North Atlantic Oscillation, and how these changes can affect other modes of variability.

I hold an M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Ecosystem Science & Policy and Political Science from the University of Miami. Outside of my current work, I maintain interests in energy and environmental policy and science communication, particularly in regard to discussions of uncertainty.

Samantha Kramer

PhD Student co-advised with Dr. Paquita Zuidema 

I study Saharan dust outbreaks and how they affect the atmosphere in South Florida. I am also focused on ENSO and climate affects on the dynamics of the dust outbreaks and transport.


Kelsey Malloy

PhD Student 

I am a 1st year graduate student interested in interactions between weather and climate, particularly about the dynamics and predictability of extreme extratropical events.


Shun-Nan Wu

PhD Student 

My research uses satellite measurements and high resolution hurricane model simulations to understand and ultimately improve the prediction of tropical cyclone intensification and tropical cyclone dynamics.

Breanna Zavadoff

PhD Student 

​I'm a second year graduate student studying the impacts, variability and potential predictability of summertime North Atlantic anticyclonic Rossby wave breaking.

Bosong Zhang

PhD Student 

My research combines satellite observations and global climate model simulations to understand the physical processes that determine regional patterns of precipitation in both the current climate and in future climate change projections.

Wei Zhang

PhD Student 

I'm currently using statistics and climate models to investigate the variability and predictability of the climate system over a decadal time scale.